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West Coast Turnaround

West Coast Turnaround is the All-Star band that performs with Steven.

The unit appears in many forms, ranging from a trio with bassist Brian Courtney, guitarist Jim Goodkind and Steven to the full, mighty 6 piece ensemble which includes fiddle and steel.

But no matter what the lineup, this world-class collection of players creates magic every time they hit the stage.


Brian Courtney
Matt Gretter

Brian (bass, vocals) has performed extensively in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Nashville. During his time in Nashville, Brian toured with several major label country artists. His years with chart-topping country artist Ken Mellons (#1 single Juke Box Junky) allowed him to see the US extensively from the vantage point of the country's best stages opening nightly for Billy Ray Cyrus on the always wild and sold-out Achy Breaky Heart tour. Brian has been honored to play and record with a who's who of Nashville’s and San Francisco’s indie-rock/singer-songwriter/alt-country scenes including Kevin Welch, Robin Lee, Kevin Gordon, The Delevante Brothers, Ellen Crandell, Jim Bruno and Billy Bremner (Rockpile & The Pretenders).


Kevin Florian

Bay Area native, Matt Gretter started playing drums at the age of 11.

He has gigged and toured with a number of notable acts including Jason Aldean.


Kevin Gallagher
May 25 2019 - _DSF3387 - West Coast Turn

Originally hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Kevin Florian has performed in a wide range of projects, from jazz combos to heavy metal bands and everything in between. Since relocating to the Bay Area in 2018, he was most recently seen touring with stalwart Oakland-based Celtic rock band Tempest until 2020. He is also an experienced session guitarist, producer, and instructor, bringing his deep enthusiasm and creativity to each and every situation.


Kevin has played pedal steel guitar, Dobro and six-string guitar since the ‘60s developing an eclectic style that he has brought to numerous bands over the years.  From folk, bluegrass and country to R&B and hard rock, Kevin has played it all. 

He has toured, played clubs and worked session gigs.

He most enjoys working with musical artists and songwriters to help create original material.


Thomas Tally

Tom plays both violin and mandolin.

He has played on numerous albums including Micheal Jackson's "Invincible", Willie Nelsons "Healing Hands of Time",  Leonard Cohen's "The Future", Stevie Wonder's "Conversation Piece",

Dr Dre producing Mary Mary, etc....you get the idea.

Live performances and tours included Micheal Crawford, Rod Stewart, Seal, Shirley Bassey, John Tesh, Sweet and Tender Hooligans.


Me and Bruce
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