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"On our recent trip back to the SF Bay Area we caught our new favorite artist and his band, Steven Gregory & West Coast Turnaround at Angelicas, in Redwood City.
These guys are the real deal and some of the best the Bay Area has to offer.
Their consistently excellent performances are like watching Austin City Limits in person… truly phenomenal. 5 Stars - As Good as It gets.”

Tom Anders - songwriter.com - Nashville, Tn.


Steven Gregory writes country music for people who think they don’t like country music:
catchy and clever, smooth but not slick, sometimes passionate and sometimes playful but always with a sincere, heartland vibe.
- Mark Nichol, DJ, KWMR, Point Reyes Station, California

"Americana never sounded so alive. And never have I heard applause so convinced that here is someone in front of us who deserves attention."
- Tim McGraw, Freight and Salvage

"I did not expect what I heard from this guy!  Wow!  Great voice with exceptional songs!  
Steven Gregory is a star in his own right.  Keep an ear on him as he could skyrocket to the top!"
-Harold Day, KFAT, Gilroy, Calif.


“Steven's understanding of songwriting and music craft comes through in every track.
Authentic musicianship and vocal style paired with great studio work and performances.
This music is definitely poised to ride the next wave of Alt. Country popularity.”
- Kyle Wheeler, Program director, KFSR Radio


““Steven’s music is right in the pocket for the emerging Alt-Country market.
Pay attention to this guy. He’s sure to be noticed.”
- Mark Escott, Phoenix Studios


"Steven’s Music and Lyrics are genuine, heartfelt and Charismatic.
Every song took me on a journey."
-Minkoff Chatoy, KOWS Radio 92.5 FM

"Awww, Thanks Guys - I love you too"
- Steven Gregory

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